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Capoeira MdP Internal Batizado May 2019 (5/4)

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Associação de Capoeira Mandingueiros dos Palmares (Capoeira MdP) is holding an Internal Batizado, an event where domestic and international MdP members will have the opportunity to meet, learn from, and build a stronger bond with each other through workshops and rodas. Novices will be given the chance to show what they’ve absorbed from their teachings over the past six months and will receive their first corda (belt).

The schedule is as follows:

12:30 PM | Warm-Up

1:00 PM   | Capoeira Workshop with CMestre Gasparzinho

2:15 PM   | Maculelê Workshop with CMestre Gasparzinho

3:15 PM   | Snack Break

3:45 PM   | Batizado (Ceremony)

5:00 PM   | Dinner

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Official Flyer: (Click for larger image)

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